The Board


Yassir Eric (1st Chairman)

Yassir Eric (M.A. Ev. Theology, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg) leads the association Saatkorn Projekt e.V. As a pastor, theologian and speaker he is traveling in Germany, Europe and the Middle East. Since 2013 he has headed the European Institute for Migration, Integration and Islam Issues (EIMI). He himself comes from Sudan and knows the difficult way of integration from his own experience. He is convinced that only holistic, relationship-oriented integration can succeed.

Monika Klotz (2nd Chairman & Managing Director)

Monika Klotz (Dr. phil.) has dealt intensively with the causes and consequences of trauma. In the Saatkorn project, she can also contribute her experience from working in projects of Daimler AG and from many years of youth work in a church context. She was involved in the foundation of the Saatkorn project and is responsible for the daily implementation of the association’s work.

She is fascinated by the work in the Saatkorn project because of the holistic nature of the work.

Paul-Ulrich Link (Assessor)

Paul-Ulrich Link (retired entrepreneur) was born in Korntal and has been a member of the Ev. Brüdergemeinde of Korntal, with great joy to this day. Through the grace and mercy of God he has a wonderful wife and 4 children. After a turbulent working life as a manager led by Jesus Christ, he is now retired and is still involved in various organizations, including the Saatkorn project.

Bernhard Heise (Treasurer)

Bernhard Heise (Dipl. Ing.) is responsible for the finances of the association. And this is of course indispensable. It is a good thing that he enjoys delving into the financial details of an association structure. Nevertheless, the complex issues in the lives of the participants are very important to him.


The Implementers


Samuel Aßmann (Social Worker)

Samuel Aßmann (B.A. Church Education & Religious Education / Social Work integrative) is responsible as social worker for the work in the shared apartments. Whether personal advice, application training, support in contacting the authorities, social training or simply for a cup of coffee, he is at the side of the participants of the Saatkorn Projekt e.V.

Mahir Ghalioun (Integration Guide & Pasta Manufacturer)

Mahir Ghalioun fled from Iraq to Germany in 2000 via the Balkan route. He therefore knows from his own experience what it is like not to be familiar with Germany at all and how important it is that migrants are supported in their integration. That is why the participants in the Saatkorn project are at the right address with him when it comes to correcting misconceptions about Germany and explaining why the Germans do what. Or to explain to the Germans why young foreigners sometimes have such strange opinions and ideas. He heads the pasta factory and lunch table areas at the Kornhaus.

Friedburg Taut (Head of Café Kornhaus)

Friedburg Taut is in her element at the Kornhaus and blooms when she can implement her ideas there. The customer is king, which is reflected in a stable regular customer base. In all of her work, she always keeps an eye on the young refugees and their often difficult concerns and problems. She also encourages and inquires about her well-being. Again and again she patiently explains individual work steps and ensures that the participants become increasingly independent in their work.

Karin & Christoph Link (Financial Administration)

Karin and Christoph Link with Manuel, Florian and Oliver have made their collaboration in the Saatkorn project a family affair. They all do the many small, indispensable work steps together so that the accountancy is complete.

Anett Giehler (Pasta Disposition)

Anett Giehler ensures that our various types of pasta are always sufficiently available for the kitchen of the restaurant and for sale in the shop and online shop. She makes sure that the goods are carefully packaged and quickly reach the recipient of the order. She appreciates our participants and encourages them in their strengths. Her training as a companion for personality development and social skills helps her.